Pisces is a ‘YANG’ (feminine) Personality

The opposite to ‘YIN’ so more negative and introvert emotions.


They adapt to whatever comes up in their lives and very flexible!

The first 10 days or ‘DECAN’ of PISCES !!


(20-28/29 Feb)

Water signs are the emotional signs of the Zodiac where normally the heart rules the head and the Pisceans during these 10 days are definitely emotionally charged!
On the positive side, these fish will fight to the finish for a cause they believe in, supporting especially the ”underdogs” in life, sick and mistreated animals, the homeless etc,.Great people to have by your side on these occasions!!

However, on the negative side, they can go a bit ”over the top” and right in your face to batter you into submission !!

This could lead to making enemies who just do not like your style Pisces even when you are clearly right !! Of course, you are !!

So who would be strong and brave enough to take on as a partner, friend or work colleague, these demanding but very caring fish?

From the 1st to 9th March we have the second DECAN of PISCES

and these Pisceans have an extra emotional influence of CANCER
So these will be really caring people who definitely let the heart rule the head and will plead their case (mainly for other people) so passionately that tears will be streaming down everyone’s faces! Especially theirs!!

These emotions could be put to very good use to help others BUT could also make some people think they are a bit ‘over the top’ and should get themselves together!
Artistic, creative, possible entertainers, singers of sad songs or poets.

Others with less sensitivity may view them as ‘pain in the backsides’ ‘always complaining’….BUT there is no denying their caring nature for other people less fortunate than themselves!
So who would be a good partner, friend or colleague who would have to give a shoulder to cry on for these sensitive souls?

The 11th to 20th of March is the last DECAN of PISCES !

Now these Pisceans have an influence from SCORPIO so the normally emotional fish could have a harder exterior and may also be a lttle secretive!
They are of course water signs so emotions will come pouring freely from them and perhaps with some very cutting remarks as well !
This inner scorpio strength makes them a strong and good friend but also a formidable adversary!!
So who would be a good partner/friend or lover for these sensitive but strong willed Pisceans who may tug at your heart strings or serenade you with a love song but be careful of the sting!!
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