Introvert, feminine

Cautious, Negative


YANG (White)

TAURUS is a FIXED sign
They hate change and are perfectionists and get things done!

TAURUS TUBA COLOUR FINAL EDIT 1Taurus it’s your time to create havoc in your birthday month.

The first DECAN  21-30 April

The first 10 days you have an EXTRA Taurus influence  so you lovable bulls are likely to charge into the next project without thinking carefully before hand!! Hold back if you can and just check out whatever you have in mind in case you regret your actions or make sure your insurance is up to date!!


The double Taurus effect though will also make you extremely honest and direct but also VERY stubborn.

No grey areas for you…black or white..that’s it!!

Best workers in the Zodiac…great employees…and fair bosses as long as you are honest!!….enjoy your time!!

2.TAURUS MALE claire ivie

Do you ever wonder why you can be different from other  bulls?

Well I have been explaining about the ‘Decans’ where each Zodiac sign is split into 3 sections of 10 days more or less and each 10 days has a different influence on you. It is still an EARTH element influence in each section so

The second DECAN 1-10 May

Taureans now in the second Decan are influenced by VIRGO…….6.VIRGO claire ivie - CopySo are you a little more careful than a normal bull charging around? Perhaps a little more organised? Or do your friends find you a little ‘bossy’ at times? Anyway a strong combination and you will be the first to turn to if a ‘crisis’ arises and they will be happy to know you will ‘save the day’…can’t do without you!!

The third DECAN 11-21 May

.TAURUS TUBA COLOUR FINAL EDIT 1Now we are in the 3rd and last part of TAURUS !

Well Taureans in this final section are influenced by Capricorn!

So is our Bull a little more organised,likes everything in it’s place,careful on the finances side but at the same time kind and generous?..or perhaps a bit too serious about life in general even depressed but not really showing this side to the’public’?SAD BULL 2

…need to lighten up a little?…..as it happens Taurus you are most compatible with a Capricorn who will understand all the ‘bullshit’ you have been going through!! If you want to really ‘go wild’for a night grab a Sagittarius or Aries by the hand and’party’ although you WILL regret it the next day!!!!

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