This is your first 10 days so anyone born in this time will have an extra strong Cancer influence so are you an over emotional but extremely caring Crab who’s heart definitely rules the head?SAD CRAB - Copy

But also gets VERY crabby when things do not go to plan?HAPPY CRAB

Whichever you are you will always be there for family and friends and especially animals so if YOU are with these sensitive souls please treat them gently and you will be showered with love but treat them or their loved ones badly you will feel the pinch of those rather large claws….

So WHO should our crab hang out with on the beach or in the boudoir?…

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YOUR Perfect Harmony….


Hi Folks…if you have been following my posts you know we are now entering the last 10 days of GEMINIGEMINI SINGING FRONT COVER COLOR LARGE

and these twins will be influenced by AQUARIUS…so these Geminis may have a more ‘artistic’ or ‘hippy’ type of attitude to life and certainly be at the top of the intelligent stakes BUT every genius is also a bit crazy so which one are you? and WHO will get on with all this craziness??MAD SCIENTIST FINAL EDIT 1

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Middle of GEMINI !!

Hi Folks…we are now into the 2nd 10 days of GEMINI3.GEMINI claire ivie

and these twins will be influenced by LIBRA….7.LIBRA FEMALE claire ivie - Copy

so these Geminis could have a ‘softer’ shell than the normally tough Gemini exterior and perhaps be a little more indecisive than normal! These Geminis will make tough but fair bosses.All AIR signs are the intelligent signs but with a dash of Libra could have an ‘easy com,easy go ‘ attitude and have to watch the bank balance and credit cards??….A Libra would be a Perfect Harmony here but if you want a bit of excitement find a ‘fiery’ Sagittarius and party all night….9.SAGGITARIUS FEMALE

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