Time and Tide!

Can you believe it?

Almost 1 month gone into 2018 when you are just recovering from the 2017 Xmas and New Years Eve festivities and your credit card is having a breakdown!

Have you noticed how people start most conversations with the word….so!

Soooooooooooooo!!!! What are your expectations for this year?

Looking for love or a new job or new home?

We all seem to be looking for something else when we forget what we already have.

SOOOOOO I have 2 books out on Amazon.

YOUR PERFECT HARMONY trying to help you (in a humorous way) to see who you are compatible with, by using Music and Astrology combined!

THE LIFE, DEATH AND RESURRECTION OF LIVE MUSIC….musicians/entertainers will be particularly interested in this ‘potted history’ of the life of entertainers etc from the year dot!

I would also like to recommend to SERIOUS followers of the Paranormal and AUTOMATIC WRITING a fascinating and exhaustive investigation into the Victorian and Edwardian era of Mediums, Spiritualists and the pursuit for ‘Life after Death’!

ARTHUR BALFOUR’S GHOSTS by Trevor Hamilton…….

SOOOOO……that’s it for now. Whatever or whoever you are looking for just treat others as you would like to be treated and be nice?

2018…..11 months to Xmas!!

Thanks a million x