2nd 10 days of LIBRA!!

Hi Folks!!…..now entered the 2nd 10 days of LIBRAlibra-bye-bye-2

and these ‘balanced’ people born in this section of their sign are often a bit ‘off balance’ as they have an Aquarian influence during this time which could give them a touch of ‘genius’ or a touch of ‘craziness’ or perhaps BOTH!! Librans in general are pretty easy going and like to please people if they can and these Aquarian influenced folk may have an even stronger sense of ‘live and let live’ and love personal freedom to be whoever they want to be…the 60’s Hippy movement I am sure was started by Librans or Aquarians!!….

So who would be a good partner for these easy going but intelligent souls……other Air signs would give them the freedom they crave but perhaps they would need a more steadying influence, especially with their finances?…freedom often comes with a price!! find out in my book


based on my compatibility theory using MUSIC …ARE YOU IN OR OUT OF TUNE?…..

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fun read with a serious twist!!

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YOUR Perfect Harmony

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