2nd 10 days of VIRGO!!

Hi Folks….we are now well in to the 2nd 10 days of VIRGOvirgo-double-bass-front-cover-color-large

and these down to earth creatures have a CAPRICORN influence as well……so they are likely to be extremely organised and unlikely to ”make fools of themselves”….well not in public anyway!!..

Self control is their motto!!…Although they will be the ‘organisers’ and ‘controllers’ of most situations they can have a soft and very caring emotional side to them BUT will not reveal it easily!!….

trouble with keeping feelings inside is you may appear a bit ‘grumpy’ or ‘depressed’ when things don’t go your way!!….


so who will be a match for these hard on the outside but soft interior people?…

find out in my book


based on my compatible theory using MUSIC …ARE YOU IN OR OUT OF TUNE?…..available from USA publishers www.astrocom.com or any good online bookstore including all AMAZON sites…….fun read with a serious twist!!

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YOUR Perfect Harmony….

Illustrations copyright www.marcellakelly.com.…..enjoy!!