Hi Folks….now we are in the first 10 days of LIBRA!!…7.LIBRA FEMALE claire ivie - Copylibra-male-001

You lovely Librans in this part of your month have a double Libran affect on your personality so you really are one of those carefree,live and let live AIR signs that always tries to please everybody BUT generally ends up pleasing no one….sigh….”you can’t please all the people all the time”!!……MALE FEMALE ARGUMENT FINAL EDIT 1 (2)

Librans have good taste for quality items and unlikely to buy the ‘fake’ off the ‘looky looky men’….or if they do probably tell everyone ‘of course it’s the real Gucci ‘ !!! The female Libran also loves to dance and the males can ‘strut their stuff’ as well but normally after a drink or 2/3/4……….libra-dancer-front-cover-color-largelibra-lounge-singer-front-cover-color-large

Who would be an ideal partner for these carefree souls….someone similar?…

possibly but who would be in charge of the credit card?….perhaps a wiser(but more boring) choice would be a more organised down to earth sign?…..

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based on my compatibility theory using MUSIC …ARE YOU IN OR OUT OF TUNE?…..

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YOUR Perfect Harmony

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