What now for the world prospects with 2 very Gemini leaders of the USA and UK?
In 2015 I started writing my book YOUR PERFECT HARMONY, before Trump’s election and not knowing of Boris’s rise to Uk Prime Minister. In the book I wrote about all relationships of the Sun signs and for Gemini with Gemini I quote ”This could be heaven on earth or eternal damnation….2 strong Geminis together with each wanting to rule the world, don’t bet against them” …..
Trump was born in New York on June 14th 1946….Gemini with Leo rising……Boris was born 19th June 1964 ALSO IN NEW YORK!!! Gemini with Libra rising!!…. Now an 18-year-old Donald in 1964 with teenager testosterone…similar blond hair and stature apart from height????” Let’s keep world domination in the family son!”
I am being a little harsh on Geminis as EVERY sign has positive and negative traits and believe you me if you have a Gemini in your team you will have every chance of success(even if they do claim the glory after!)
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