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“Money makes the world go around but without music, the world would grind to a halt!´´
( My quotation, feel free to use it )

The musicians’ lot is not a happy one!

Or is it?

When did it all begin? Who were the first musicians?

How have musicians, entertainers, singers etc., been treated over the thousands of years?

How has the ordinary working musician managed in history to survive?

How do I become rich and famous? Be a musical superstar that’s how! Easy! (suppressed laughter)

Ok, this has worked for a few hundred, perhaps even a few thousand people, but percentage wise out of billions of people?
Not so high!

Right from the year dot and the emergence of our human species, we found that we may be born equal, but some became more equal than others and rose to the top as leaders, strong warriors with strength and bravery being their main talent! Odes were written, women fainted at their names, well it was mainly a chauvinistic pastime to be a King or ruthless commander of an army. These were the early superstars people longed to be like, so music and the people who played the instruments, musicians, were way down the order of top professions.

How then did the musicians of the world survive over the years in order to make music and entertainment a desired and apparently quick and easy way to make your fame and fortune? Kids see their heroes on the TV, Movies etc., and of course, want to be like them, but how do they get into ‘showbiz’? Originally you had to spend years perfecting your skill on whatever instrument you chose and start at a really early age. You would just play (or sing) as much as possible to get the necessary experience before going pro!

Then came Karaoke and after that The X Factor and it all changed…The day the music died!

So here is a ‘potted history’ of musicians, singers, entertainers etc., and the trials and tribulations we have had to face since the beginning of time! Perhaps even a little tribute to the ‘working’ entertainers of today in your area or holiday location trying to keep employed AND make YOU happy! Starting from the first instruments found right through to the 1800’s then every decade from the 20th century to present day!

For some, the fame and fortune certainly came in plenty and many others had, and are having, a good and relatively successful life, but for the majority, it became just another job to survive, pay the mortgage and provide food for the family, even with all life’s insecurities as a self-employed person. Should they have got an office job? Well for most musicians it is a ‘vocation’ apart from being just a job, and very hard to give that up from your heart, but for some the effort and stress of entertaining ‘drunks’ 6 nights a week can destroy the soul!

Not everyone is a drunk of course and hopefully, most people enjoy what you do, but I see videos on social media even now of talented entertainers being virtually ignored or even abused ‘on stage’, which is rarely a Stage! More like a space by the toilets! TV’s on in the background, pool table still being played next to you, kids running amok screaming and the manager asking if YOU can turn down!


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This is of course from a Western perspective, either European or USA with apologies to other countries who indeed have their own ‘superstars’ of the entertainment world and thousands of others just surviving! Possibly for many years before the West as well, but my own research and experience limit my ‘specialist’ knowledge to the UK and USA in general!

So ‘where do I begin’? ‘Start at the very beginning, that’s a very good place to start.’