I am often asked why 2 people with the same Sun sign can have different personalities.

Well, that is because everybody has 2 signs !!

First, your SUN SIGN is the TIME OF YEAR you were born and relates more to the month and the seasons.

Second, you have another sign ”rising” at the EXACT TIME that you were born and in relation to the PLACE that you were born which will be unique to you!
This is called the ASCENDANT or RISING SIGN.

Most astrologers say this is the personality you display to the world and that your Sun sign is your inner personality.

I believe we are able to switch personalities depending on the situation and perhaps whether we have had a drink or 2….

So 2 people with the same Sun sign can have a totally different Ascendant which will affect their personality.

I.E An Aries Sun sign with Virgo Ascendant may be a little more organized and careful than an Aries with a Sagittarius Ascendant who just want to party and pay the consequences later!!

Another difference is the date in the month you have your birthday.

Every sign is split into 3 periods of approx 10 days called DECANATES or DECANS.

The first 10 day Decans are fully influenced by their OWN SIGN and ELEMENT
(Fire/Earth/Air or Water).

The 2nd 10 days are influenced by the next SAME Element that follows their sign.

And the last 10 days is influenced by the next SAME Element after that.

I.E We are now in the first Decan of ARIES 21-30 March so they are a DOUBLE Aries full head on Fire creatures.

whereas the next Decan 31 March – 9 April is influenced by LEO so perhaps a little bit more laid back …

and the last Decan 10-20 April is influenced by Sagittarius…PARTY ON !!

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