Hi Folks….now in to the first 10 days of SCORPIO !!……scorpio-singing-front-cover-color-large

and these very private (inside) people have an extra Scorpio influence during this first DECAN….

I will be explaining shortly how the decanates work

….SO these Scorpions could be over secretive and very gaurded about their lives but probably know how to run yours!! Water signs are meant to be emotional but in this case ‘still waters run deep’…can keep themselves to themselves but have many secrets!! If a friend or partner does not reveal any of their personal info then a friend for life…scorpios-in-love-final-edit-1

IF they do let out some personal info….WATCH out for the sting in the tail!!!..angry-scorpion-2

So who would be able to compete with these clever,secretive souls and survive?…………..find out in my book


based on my compatibility theory using MUSIC … ARE YOU IN OR OUT OF TUNE?…..

available from USA publishers or any good online bookstore including all AMAZON sites…….

fun read with a serious twist!!

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