What are MIDDLE OF THE MONTH Taureans like?

Hi Taurus!!2.TAURUS MALE claire ivie

Do you ever wonder why you can be different from other  bulls? Well I have been explaining about the ‘Decans’ where each Zodiac sign is split into 3 sections of 10 days more or less and each 10 days has a different influence on you. It is still an EARTH element influence in each section so Taureans now in the second Decan are influenced by VIRGO…….6.VIRGO claire ivie - CopySo are you a little more careful than a normal bull charging around? Perhaps a little more organised? Or do your friends find you a little ‘bossy’ at times? Anyway a strong combination and you will be the first to turn to if a ‘crisis’ arises and they will be happy to know you will ‘save the day’…can’t do without you!!….To see who this bull is most compatible with in Love or just any relationship check out my book ‘YOUR PERFECT HARMONY’

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